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I'm Rio. I'm currently a junior in high school. I live on a small somewhat-functional iris flower farm in Maryland.​ I'm fortunate to have the ability to stay home and healthy during a time when not everyone has that opportunity. I also feel like I'm not getting the whole picture of what people, specifically teens, are going through during Covid.

Through Covid Youth Project, I hope that many teens will share how they are working on their health and happiness. How are you surviving if health and happiness aren't an option? What are you actually enjoying and what do you hope will continue? How is covid making you think differently about your life and our lives? With these stories, we can collectively apply our varied experiences to larger-world problems and make real differences in our future. I plan to listen to as many stories as I can, pick out themes, and report back to you on what I am finding. I would love you to do the same.

I know that power works in cruel and often unfair ways.  People with privilege record a history that does not belong to them. I hope this site will empower us all to record our realities through this strange time, and create change moving into the future.

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